Sillaj is a PHP time tracking tool. It allows to register time on projects and tasks and create various reports and Gantt graphs. Sillaj is multiuser and multilanguage, uses a database backend and is themable through templates.

Sillaj makes extensive use of the following libraries (thanks to the authors !) :

Sillaj is distributed under the GPL.

Sillaj can be downloaded from

Created by MichaŽl Delorme -
Thanks to janson.peter/ for the swedish translation, to lmoehri/ for the german translation and bert.fransen/ for the dutch translation

See changes.txt for version notes.



  1. Copy the sillaj directory somewhere below your web root directory
  2. Make sure you have a PEAR directory in your PHP directory and check that this PEAR directory is declared in the include_dir directive of php.ini). e.g. :
    include_path = ".;c:\php\includes;c:\php\pear;"
  3. copy the content of /lib/pear/ in your PEAR directory if necessary
  4. create the database
    $ mysqladmin -u root -p create sillaj
  5. use the SQL script (in /sql/) to create the tables
    $ mysql -u root -p sillaj < sql/mysql.sql
  6. create a database user (who must have the rights to create temporary tables)
    $ mysql -u root -p sillaj
    $mysql> GRANT ALL ON sillaj.* to 'sillaj'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'sillaj';
  7. Modify /inc/config.php
  8. check that the webserver can write in /templates/*/templates_c and in /cache/
    ex :
    $ chmod 777 templates/default/templates_c
    $ chmod 777 cache
  9. Check that PHP sessions are enabled in php.ini (see PHP manual)
  10. You can add a PHP accelerator
  11. Go to http://server/sillaj/ ; you should get the login page, click on "Create an account", fill-in the required informations and start using Sillaj

It doesn't work !

See the Frequently Asked Questions or the forum.


Adding translation

Adding templates

Copy the /templates/defaults directory to /templates/my_new_templates dir and modify as you like...

Mail your files so I can add them to the source files

Adding themes to a template

Just add a new css file in /templates/*/styles/
You must then use a browser that allows you to switch stylesheets to take full advantage of this feature

Note that default.css, print.css and calendar.css are mandatory.

Mail your files so I can add them to the source files


Check the /doc/ directory for more information on the API